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Phrixus, son of Nepele, falsely accused of ravishing Biadice, was condemned to death, but rescued by a golden ram, on whose back he escaped with his sister Helle. She became giddy and fell off; but Phrixus reached safety, and sacrificed the ram to Zeus, who placed its likeness in the heavens. Years later the ram's fleece became famous, when Jason captured it.




 Characteristic   |     Career    |    Relationship   |    Aries Man

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Belonging to the cardinal group and fire element Ariens are initiators of many inspired ideas, being the first sign of the zodiac, often thought of as a child. Abundance of energy, but maybe not enough practicality to follow through on a project, unless other horoscope factors are bringing an influence to the personality. Ruled by the fiery planet Mars. Like the ram, you go head first into everything. You may not always be aware of the effect you can have on other people, nor take responsibility for it. If you did you would have to grow up. Assertive, adventurous and noble, you will give up your time, your money and even your life for those you love. a great rescuer, like robin Hood, you don't like to stay at home and fix the fuses, whether you are male or female. Impossible challenges excite you and you always want to believe the best of everyone, but you are not always the best judge of character


.The first sign of the zodiac and this sign is associated with Spring , and the symbol of rebirth and all beginnings.  Mars, the planet of action, is the ruler of your sign, and provides you with an extra portion of activity, assertiveness, and willpower. This makes you the fighter and the pioneer of the zodiac, who faces challenges with courage and bravery. If you do something you do it with passion and determination! If something bores you, you quickly move on to more interesting things.

You are the first of the three fire signs, an ambitious and charismatic individual, cheerful and enthusiastic in your undertakings. Others see you as outgoing and self-confident, and like to be around you.  As an Aries, you rule the first house, the section in the chart wheel that describes the outward behavior of a person, the disposition, appearance, manners, and the sense of self. You are a
cardinal sign, which means that you don't wait around until others take action. In other words, you initiate action immediately, forcefully, and directly.

strengths lie in your qualities as a leader; you inspire and motivate others with your enthusiasm, honesty, and straightforwardness. Since you are competitive, you need challenges like others need air to breathe. You are known for pushing any obstacles out of the way, and trust your instinctive nature. Your independence and power allow you to achieve your goals easily. However, you have your share of weaknesses, too; for example, you can be impatient, and run the risk of acting too impulsively. At times, you can be self-centered, and tend to overlook that others might have a different point of view. When they do, you can become stubborn and intolerant. Also, since you are slightly unorganized and unsettled, you are capable of driving others crazy.



 Spiritual Learning, Likes and Dislikes,

 Appearance and Traits

 Characteristic   |     Career    |    Relationship   |    Aries Man

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Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning: To learn the meaning of selfless love.


Likes and Dislikes

Likes   Dislikes  
  • being liked
  • the best wines
  • a unique license plate on the car
  • money to burn
  • new clothes
  • red roses
  • food in bright colors
  • personalized gifts
  • presents wrapped in intriguing paper
  • books
  • sparkling gems

  • being ignored

  • physical restriction

  • being placed less than first

  • feeling hungry

  • anyone who performs better than they

  • old things, second-hand stuff

  • having to wait for anything

  • lingering after food

  • bland food


Appearance and Traits

Man Appearance Woman Appearance 
  • has a strong body
  • is extremely energetic
  • has a dominating sex appeal
  • walks with an air of nobility
  • dresses in clothes appropriate to the current challenge

  • is slim and strong

  • is very active and glows with energy

  • has strong, luxurious hair

  • wears sophisticated colors and perfume

  • dresses in clothes appropriate to the occasion

Characteristic   |     Career    |    Relationship   |    Aries Man

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Man Traits Woman Traits
  • is fiercely competitive
  • is honest
  • appears to be self-assured
  • takes initiative and expects others to follow
  • is enterprising
  • dreads physical disability
  • has very clear goals
  • will put his partner on a pedestal
  • needs to win
  • uses wit and brains to get what he wants
  • looks you in the eye and gives a firm handshake
  • is enthusiastic and optimistic
  • talks back and often gets hurt because of it
  • expects loyalty
  • is fearless
  • has interests outside the home or has a career
  • expects to win in any situation
  • is direct, open, and honest
  • can make miracles happen






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Primary Characteristics

  • Energetic

  • Passionate

  • Dominant / Personal control of everything

  • Extroverted

  • Outspoken

  • Hot-tempered

  • Self-assertion, initiation, new beginnings

  • Courage, honesty, nobility, openness

  • Aggression, creativity, personal goals

  • Competition, winning, being first

  • Action, daring, challenge, adventure


Positive Characteristic Traits

  • Adventurous and energetic

  • Dynamic and quick-witted

  • Enthusiastic and confident

  • Pioneering and courageous / exploration, pioneering, discovering

  • Helps others to achieve their dreams

  • Accept Challenges

  • Believes the best of others

  • Takes risks for others

  • An Aries life is an open book

  • Will give life for the loved one

  • Continues action even if others give up



  • Must be boss / Dislikes being told what to do

  • Blind to his or her effect on others

  • Doesn't listen

  • Poor judge of character

  • Can be foolhardy

  • Can be impulsive and impatient / Intolerance

  • Can be selfish and quick-tempered / Brashness

  • Argumentative

Aries rising is both positive and dynamic. It endows you with a go-getting, achievement-oriented personality, for you like to be in charge and want to make a big impression under all circumstances. Dedicated to satisfying personal ambitions and pursuing your own ends with complete disregard for the feelings of others doesn't necessarily mean you are always selfish, my dear, but in your haste and eagerness to reach that goal or accomplish that oh so important purpose, it is so easy for you to forget other people's needs, or that what you do may react adversely on others. A powerful inner drive and a strong need for accomplishment, combined with your indomitable Aries courage, urges you to go for things others might think are too risky, too foolish, or just too much work.

Enthusiastic Aries has loads of energy. Once inspired, you rarely hesitate to act and you usually get where you want to go. But be warned! Your lively enthusiasm can get out of hand; you tend to overestimate your own abilities, or the influence you have. In general you maintain an informal approach to life, with easy, open mannerisms and an attitude of "take me as I am". Confronting situations openly and with force need not necessarily brand you as unduly aggressive, for you can be quiet and hard-working, sublimating your energy inconspicuously in low-key activities. However your innate restlessness makes it difficult for you to develop an extended concentration span, control your untidiness, or get truly focused and organized.

Ruled by Mars, the fiery warrior, many Ariens have reddish hair, ruddy complexions, or a distinctive birthmark on their heads or faces. The Aries mouth has a characteristic down-turn, often associated with a longish face. Being your own boss makes life easier, but you can work in a regular job as long as you don't find the work objectionable and are treated fairly by supervisors. You can be easy-going about many things, but any attempt to ram authority down your throat gets your hackles rising. No doubt the sincerity of your passions makes up to some degree for the rashness of your actions....

If you are born under the sign of Aries, you has the
qualities it takes to be a leader. Aries people are pioneers and visionaries giving force, energy and inspiration to the people around them. Aries are aggressive and enthusiastic, yet inclined to be compulsive and quick in action. Persons born with this sign can be stubborn and impatient but still attract many admirers for their confidence. When challenged, the Aries person is a formidable opponent who is both bold and firm. The pioneering instincts of an Aries child should be encouraged. Their aspirations should be taken seriously and given great attention to. Aries are thinkers-always planning for the future and conjuring new ideas and schemes; they are often seen as being far ahead of their time. Aries do best managing enterprises or businesses and tapping into unknown fields. You have mechanical abilities or cleverness in one form or another.


Fevers, eye strain, accidental injury to the head, skin rashes, overwork, migraine headaches, and insect bites are your most likely physical complaints. Your extremism leads to mental and emotional instability in some situations and you get distinctly stressed out by being thwarted in the pursuit of your goals.


Aries Children

Adventure, opportunities to find out, to try things, take charge, solve problems, and to be a winner. Above all, young Aries needs to know that he or she is loved and valued. Big hugs and reassurance, especially after emotional bumps, are essential, despite the brave face they put on. The typical Aries  has a strong, active body and mind. They has a temper when thwarted and  usually walks and talks early. In early childhood, young Aries wants attention and to be in charge.

However, they are generous with toys and normally is very affectionate.



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He always let other people walk in front of him, but he will get there first. He is a very careful guy and small obstacles won't make him fall easily even he thinks life is a very serious matter. He is as romantic as any other Zodiac. He could look gentle, but inside he is as strong as steel. Once he determine to do something, he is serious about doing it well. He will keep any pressure or insult deep down inside without showing emotion. You will never see his emotion of burden or disappointment and always wonder what he thinks or feels. He will well kept his feeling. You will never see a guy in this Zodiac involving in other people business. He always concern with his own business. Sometimes he can be talkative, but  he will never give anyone advice if he has not been asked. If you ask for advice, he will certainly give you one. He respects elderly and senior, so you will see he is the type who visit his parents steadily or often. He is a slightly shy but also a stubborn person. He will find many ways to make you happy when you are with him, till you realize he is the important person for you. Once he is in the "Power Position", he will use his power gently. He is a good leader and "Gentleness" is one of his effective method for exploiting his power. It is although he is borne to be a leader. He never hide his ambition, and he is a workaholic. he will not take any position that he has no control. He will work very hard to reach his goal and satisfaction.

Compliment from his boss or superior are never enough for him, he want his deserved reward. His deep insecurity make him reach and collecting valuable things, and this you may think he is stingy. Actually he could easily spending money to buy things, traveling or pay for things that makes him happy and he think necessary for his need. He care what other people think of him and want to get good comments or compliments. Outside he looks like stone and steel, but inside he is a fragile person. He will hide and cover up weak emotion and his sadness in order to maintain and keep up his "Image". One method of cover up you could easily notice is suddenly if he is quiet, cold, or act very strong or very secure. Often, he feels insecure, even he is serious about his life and his own surrounding. This is the man who never hurry to get marry, so hardly sit back and regret about his marriage later. If he gets marry, he need to be very certain and very sure. It will take a long time for such decision, so if you tell him that you are "breaking up" , you better forget him for good because he will never coming back.

He always keep his promise. If he said he will meet you in your place in 2 hours then he will be there, unless there is a serious accident or unavoidable things happen. He hate people who is late for date or any appointment. He like to think woman should be a follower and take care of family and working is a man duty. He does not like to compete with his girl friend or his wife at work because competition already exist with himself and other people. He will be very proud if he can afford and care for his family. Do not try to over power him or insult him, he can not stand it. He likes to be in control of every things, every situations.

like a "Classy Woman" ,if she also comes from a good family then it is a Plus. It will make him feel proud and very ego about her status. Flashy type of woman , forget it. He like a perfect or a nearly perfect housewife. He tend to be possessive. He will not tell you if he is mad at you, but will act very moody to show you instead. He like to hear sweet word and compliment so you can get his interest that way. If he approaches you to ask you out, do not act too stubborn or fooling around too much. He will get tired and just disappear. He has to feel confident when he is around you, so knowing this fact you should know what to do, right!  If you want him, you have to make him feel like he is the most important person for you. He likes a kind hearted woman , polite and can get along with his family. When he feels sad, do not leave him alone, but be very supportive. Kind words and your smile will win him over, so this strong man will be like a chicken in your palm.



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She thinks the world is watching her through the eye glasses of rose petal frame. She thinks people think and talk about her only about good things and often disappoint to know the fact that they are not true and not even real, so she will feel hurt. She think her path has to be a beautiful one. She think only good things so she prepares and always make arrangement for herself to be in the right path always, quite systematic indeed. If there is no guy in her life, she will be busy with herself. This seemingly ordinary woman will push herself to meet her goal. Her face mostly will be slim and long, high cheek bone, Eye brow slightly curve up, slight tall more than short, thin lips and she will have quite a confusing or mixture of character.

Sometimes, she will be very careful about guy she will mingle with. She thinks as if she has a main CPU in her head and she could memorize everything from her childhood. When she faces with problems, she will handle them and solving them very well, and at the same time showing other people that she has that capability. She can put her mind in solving problems in crisis better than many other Zodiac. Once she determine to do thing, nothing will stop her. Woman in this Zodiac could be totally different from one woman to another woman. You could see her in the party dancing like flash dance or dirty dancing, as well you could also see her as an old fashion lady or a geek. She could be someone flashy and wanted by many men, or she could be a cold and non-social person. She will have her own way to win you over. Once she choose you, she will need to be proud of you. "Love" is not as important to her as "Marriage". Her real goal in life is "Safety" and her position in other people sight need to be "Secure". She plans her life, and socially life easily and very carefully. She is also very artistic and realistic, so if you are a nobody or nothing, no chance because she loves ambition and a good life. She need lots of love, but do not want and do not belief in an occasional or unconventional love.

She is a
proud in nature type, so if you see a woman in this Zodiac come from a poor family, she will act like a woman from a noble family by birth anyway (certainly there are always exception). She always look cool even when she is not. She like to make people see her as "secure and confident" even she is a mixed emotion and mixed character type. If she is mad, you can tell right away and she can stay moody for quite a long time. You never have all her times, for she likes to work hard and also spent some spare times working for charity. You will see woman in this zodiac a "Volunteer" for camp, and if she is in a high society, she will most likely be a president or a V.P. of a "Club". She is a romantic and artistic, but being poor and unstable is certainly not in her dreams. Her beautiful imaginations need to be realistic, for failure is not in her plan.

A Goat always climb high, so either she start from a low point or a high point, she will make sure at the end she will have the best spot. She will not show her ambition, but she will show that she satisfy with herself now. Once you look back she already moved up again , quietly but sure. If she is your love one, be supportive and understand her. She is stubborn, but she will listen. She will act like a gentle fragile person, but in fact she can stick you down like a super glue without you knowing it.



Aries Women and their Zodiac Characteristics




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Those born under this Sign are competitive and love the game, whether it's business or life. They hate to lose, which means they'll probably win. And when the "contest" is in full swing, the only speed they know is full steam ahead - think battering Ram, if you will, and clear out the lanes!

Aries like being the leader and
aren't as comfortable in a subordinate role. This isn't usually a problem, since - thanks to their cocksure belief in themselves -- they like to start projects and blaze the trail for colleagues. True to a Fire Sign, Aries can be combustible at times. At least they're always ready to rumble! Even if they aren't always diplomatic, Aries are considerate of their colleagues and display great energy and courage in the field of battle - umm, make that the workplace. As long as Rams can stay within themselves, they are likely to be successful. For this, Aries is also associated with work which inspires activity in others  e.g., leaders, directors, supervisors, or any job that has authority. Aries must be in command or they will lose interest. Aries works best at the initiation of a project, leaving the consolidation to other people. Typical jobs are in recruitment and training, work in the theater, business enterprises, sports, and the military in any position that has power.

One thing the Ram craves is
adventure. Preachy staff meetings are a snore, since Aries would much rather be out in the field closing a key client. New challenges need to come at a fast and furious pace for those born under this sign or else it's "NEXT!" as in next job. A safety net for the hard-charging Ram? Not! Retirement is for everyone else- the Ram will stay in the game forever, changing the rules along the way so as to keep it interesting (but still legit).

The Aries office is likely to be spare, with only a few token trophies and emblems of success as reminders of past victories. Rams will likely cruise the streets in the flashiest sports car going (leased, of course), and they would trade in a three-martini lunch for a few beers and a game of liar's dice.  Aries is well-suited to become a firefighter, surgeon, mechanic, dentist (watch that drill!), professional athlete and, most of all, entrepreneurs.



Typical Behavior and Abilities of Aries at work:

  • is loyal an enthusiastic about the company

  • will work all hours and is not a clock watcher

  • will look elsewhere for an opening if bored

  • is highly creative and can initiate

  • has very strong willpower

  • is not suited to political work s


Aries as Employer

  • is idealistic and needs the faith of his or her employees and expects their loyalty

  • believes he/she can make the future a success

  • needs others but will go it alone when necessary

  • wants to be recognized as the boss

  • can pull a business up from a near bankruptcy

  • is generous with rewards for hard work

  • expects everyone to drop everything to solve a crisis

Aries as Employee

A typical Aries employee (male or female):

  • works best when answerable only to the boss

  • can promote anything

  • tends to work late rather than early

  • looks for opportunity to learn and progress

  • intends to succeed but is careless with details

  • knows he or she can do well

  • will move to another job if he or she feels the challenges in the current job have run out; security is not a priority, although Aries workers usually make their way under the most difficult circumstances

Working Environment

The workplace of a typical Aries man or woman:

  • will have people and machines to take care of the details

  • may be almost anywhere that is exciting

  • must be stimulating and allow freedom of movement

  • will support an important-seeming image

  • must be accessible at all times: day, night, and weekends




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You have a charming manner and very winning ways with the opposite sex, when you so choose. Despite your charm, you often find that some unforeseen problem seems to emerge that prevents you from obtaining the object of your desire and those to whom you are most attracted may indeed fail to respond in the way you expect. You need to harness your powerful energies, or even rein them in a little, so that those with whom you would like to spend time are not overwhelmed by your battle tactics.

Aries, a masculine sign, loves to lead and hates to follow. So in a
relationship, Aries, the child of the zodiac, is the motivator and wants to be the controller. The Aries driving force compels those born under its influence to become the leading light in any co-operative venture. This can be a particular problem for Aries women, who constantly seek to measure themselves against their man (or men), always trying to gain the upper hand. Aries is straightforward in its need to dominate. While quite socially acceptable for men, until recently this need has been rather problematic for women.

Women with Aries prominent often seem to work to overcome or defeat their partners, but in the event they succeed, have a tendency to lose respect for their formerly admired "opponents". The constant outflow of energy from egotistical Aries masks a sense of insecurity, which has its roots in a lack of
self-esteem. The externalising of demons enables them to be conquered, but Aries is usually unable to formulate the problem. Like his mythic image, the Ram, Aries prefers to charge at full tilt, with little knowledge of, or care for, the consequences.

Similarly in the art of lovemaking, the Arien is enthusiastic and adventurous. Partners can sometimes be overwhelmed by this spirited approach, something which is not necessarily a sign of their weakness, but simply a reaction to the ardent intensity of
passion. Aries loves to experiment and to take things to the limit, so, roll over Kama Sutra, the Aries lover is writing it all from scratch!

Seriously, though, it would not hurt for some ardent Ariens to actually take the time to
discover some more sensitive approaches to the art of love. A glance through a manual or two, especially in the company of a lover, can lead to new highs and lingering climaxes that may extend the limit far beyond the boundaries of imagination.


Behavior When In Love

The typical Aries:
  • is very romantic and believes in courtly love
  • will insist on doing the chasing and cannot bear to be chased by anyone
  • can be extremely possessive of the lover but cannot understand if the lover is possessive
  • places the loved one on a pedestal
  • will be jealous of any attention the loved one gives to others
  • will defend the loved one to the death


The typical Aries expects:
  • total faithfulness from the partner
  • the lover to respond as if he or she is the first and best lover ever known
  • to be loved exclusively
  • never to be criticized


Aries and Sex

In many ways the excitement is in the chase not the conquest. It isn't that Aries lovers aren't faithful - they are, as long as the excitement of new challenges in love are always there to stimulate them. Aries may appear to want to dominate, but does not want a submissive partner in sex. Routine is what brings boredom to lovemaking for Aries. Aries women may have difficulties in love because she may see her partner as a fellow contestant in the world.


Aries and Partner

The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Aries must realize that Aries will want to be in control of all the major decisions. He or she will be happy to leave the day to day details to a partner, but will always expect to be in overall control. Given this, the person who partners Aries can expect an exciting, creative relationship with unexpected surprises and plenty of affection.


Aries Man As A Partner

He will want a partner of whom he can be proud, yet who will never do anything better than he can. A clever partner would be wise to be modest about personal abilities and to put effort into supporting and encouraging the sensitive Aries partner in his own dreams.

In marriage, the Aries husband will regard his wife as the queen of his domain and she must behave accordingly, never failing in her loyalty to him and keeping surprises up her sleeve to stimulate his interest.


Aries Woman As A Partner

Like her male counterpart, the Aries partner must always come first. This makes life difficult for the typical Aries wife in a male-dominant situation. She needs a husband who will recognize and accept her powers. A man must have self-respect and tact to partner an Aries woman.

In return, both male and female Aries will bring bountiful energy, enthusiasm, and loyalty to any partnership.


Polar Sign

Libra, the scales, is the complementary opposite sign to Aries. Although relationships between Aries and Libra can be difficult, Libra can show Aries how to cooperate, share, and bring people together in harmony. Libra can intervene diplomatically where Aries will bound in and make demands forcibly.


Aries and Friends

In general, Aries likes a friend who is special in some particular way and who will regard Aries as his or her best friend (never the second best!). Aries friends are warm and hospitable but they are not usually interested in entertaining for its own sake; they usually have a reason for inviting friends around. Many Aries prefer to go out to dinner, to find an unusual eating place. Both male and female Aries usually get along better with male friends. For negative Factors -because Aries are very jealous of other peoples abilities and achievements, Aries friendships often don't last very long. However, a person who will admire his or her Aries friend and remain interesting, though not ambitious, can enjoy an enduring friendship with Aries. Aries can become harsh and nasty if his or her fragile ego is under threat.


A compatibility chart, below, lists those with whom Aries is likely to have the most satisfactory relationships.


Aries with Aries: Harmonious
Aries with Taurus: Harmonious
Aries with Gemini: Harmonious
Aries with Cancer: Difficult
Aries with Leo: Harmonious
Aries with Virgo: Turbulent
Aries with Libra: Opposite Attract / Difficult
Aries with Scorpio: Turbulent
Aries with Sagittarius: Harmonious
Aries with Capricorn: Difficult
Aries with Aquarius: Harmonious
Aries with Pisces: Harmonious


Aries are most compatible with the Sagittarius and Leo signs.





 Famous Aries

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Elton John

Variant Name: Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Birth Date: March 25, 1947
Place of Birth: Pinner, Middlesex, England
Nationality: English
Gender: Male
Occupations: singer, songwriter, humanitarian


In terms of sales and lasting popularity, Elton John was the biggest pop superstar of the early '70s. He was born Reginald Dwight on March 25, 1947 to a middle-class family living in Pinner, England. Dwight began playing piano at the age of four, and when he was 11, he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music. After studying for six years, he left school with the intention of breaking into the music business. In 1961, he joined his first band, Bluesology, and divided his time between playing with the group, giving solo concerts at a local hotel, and running errands for a London publishing house. By 1965, Bluesology were backing touring American soul and R& B musicians like Major Lance, Doris Troy and the Bluebells. By the summer of 1968, he had begun recording singles for release under his own name.

Elton John released the album The Big Picture in September 1997. Earlier that month, he captured the hearts of millions when he sang a re-written version of "Candle in the Wind" at the funeral of Princess Diana. A recording of the song, released as "Candle in the Wind 1997" became the first single to outsell Bing Crosby's "White Christmas." All proceeds from the sale of the single were donated to the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.  In 2000, John played a two night stand at Madison Square Garden which was recorded for a live album, At Last -- One Night Only, released in November of the same year. His latest, Songs From The West Coast, came out in 2001.

In the 1960s graffiti appeared on London and New York City streets proclaiming "Clapton is God." For the next 30 years, Eric Clapton (born 1945) forged out a career as an extraordinary guitar player, singer, and songwriter, becoming a musician of legendary proportion. Eric Clapton's musical roots were formed by American blues artists such as Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and Sonny Boy Williamson. During his career, he experimented with many musical forms, including rock, pop, reggae, and even techno-jazz. However, he always seemed to find his way back to his beloved blues where his music is fueled by a life filled with personal struggles and tragedies.


Billie Holiday

Name: Billie Holiday
Birth Date: April 7, 1915
Death Date: July 17, 1959
Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, US
Place of Death: New York, NY, US
Occupations: jazz vocalist
Cause of Death: Alcoholism

Billie Holiday (1915-1959) was a jazz vocalist with perhaps the most emotional depth of any singer in jazz history. Billie Holiday's life was tragic. Born into out-of-wedlock poverty, she rose to a position of artistic pre-eminence in the world of jazz, but her personal life was one of constant turmoil and struggle. She fought seemingly endless wars--with drug addiction, with narcotics agents' harassment, with racism, with self-serving lovers, and with human parasites in and out of the music business. Withal, her vocal artistry was joyously, bittersweetly transcendant. Many serious listeners consider her the greatest jazz vocalist ever.


Vincent Van Gogh

Name: Vincent Van Gogh
Birth Date: March 30, 1853
Death Date: July 29, 1890
Place of Birth: Groot-Zundert, Holland
Place of Death: Auvers, France
Nationality: Dutch
Gender: Male
Occupations: painter

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) was a Dutch painter whose formal distortions and humanistic concerns made him a principal forerunner of 20th-century expressionism. Born on March 30, 1853, at Groot-Zundert in the province of Brabant, Vincent Van Gogh was the son of a Protestant minister. His uncle was a partner in Goupil and Company, art dealers, and Vincent entered the firm at the age of 16 and remained with it for 6 years. He served the firm first in The Hague and then in London, where he fell in love with his landlady's daughter, who rejected him; then he worked for Goupil's branch in Paris.In 1890, van Gogh was invited to show with Les Vingt in Brussels, where he sold his first painting. That same year, he was represented at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris. Van Gogh shot himself on July 27, 1890, and died on July 29 in Auvers-sur-Oise, France.


Charles Spencer Chaplin

Name: Charles Spencer Chaplin
Birth Date: April 16, 1889
Death Date: December 25, 1977
Place of Birth: London, England
Place of Death: Switzerland
Nationality: English
Occupations: actor, director

The film actor, director, and writer Charles Spencer Chaplin (1889-1977) was one of the most original creators in the history of the cinema. His remarkable portrayal of "the tramp"--a sympathetic comic character in ill-fitting clothes and a trademark mustache--won admiration from international audiences. Charlie Chaplin was born in a poor district of London on April 16, 1889. His mother, a talented singer, spent most of her life in and out of mental hospitals; his father was a fairly successful vaudevillian until he began drinking. After his parents separated, Charlie and his half brother, Sidney, spent most of their childhood in the Lambeth Workhouse. Barely able to read and write, Chaplin left school to tour with a group of clog dancers. Later he had the lead in a comedy act; by the age of 19 he had become one of the most popular music-hall performers in England. By the early 1920's Chaplin was making his own films with actors Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Having control of his own films lead to classics, such as The Kid 1920, The Gold Rush 1925, City Lights 1931, Modern Times 1936 and The Great Dictator 1940. These films made him the most popular and successful film star of his time. In 1952 Chaplin visited Europe and was not allowed to return to the US, he settled in Switzerland. He made a film, The King In New York, in 1957, which was full of criticism of McCarthy and American society in general. He was allowed to return to the US in 1972 to receive an Oscar for his services to film. He died in Switzerland aged 88.


William Wordsworth

Name: William Wordsworth
Birth Date: April 7, 1770
Death Date: April 23, 1850
Place of Birth: Cookermouth, Cumberland, England
Place of Death: England
Nationality: English
Occupations: poet

William Wordsworth (1770-1850), an early leader of romanticism in English poetry, ranks as one of the greatest lyric poets in the history of English literature.

He was born in Cumberland, 1770. Visited France in the early years of the revolution, 1790-91. Gained the friendship of Coleridge by the publication of his first poems, and went to live near him in Somersetshire. The friends went on a walking tour, the result of which was "Lyrical Ballads," published in 1798, at Bristol. After a tour in Germany, Wordsworth and his sister lived at Grasmere until 1808, the poet being married in 1802, and "The Prelude" (begun in 1799) being finished in 1805. In 1813 Wordsworth was named distributor of stamps for Westmoreland, and henceforth lived at Rydal Mount. "The Excursion" appeared next year, and in 1815 "The White Doe of Rylstone" was published. Other poems followed, but the whole fragment of "The Recluse" was not published until 1888. In 1843, Wordsworth became poet-laureate. Died 1850.


Marlon Brando

Name: Marlon Brando
Birth Date: April 3, 1924
Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Occupations: actor
Died: 02-07-2004

Beginning with his early career in the films of the 1950s, through his powerful roles in such classics as On the Waterfront ,A Streetcar Named Desire, and The Godfather, Marlon Brando (born 1924) has captivated the American public with his intense onscreen presence, as well as with his personal life of controversy and excess.
In 1947, he played the brutish Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, and the stage actor made his motion picture debut as a paraplegic World War II veteran in The Men (1950). A slew of poor roles in the 1960s was followed by an upturn in 1972 with his depiction of Mafia boss Don Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather. Winning an Oscar for the role, Brando turned down the award in protest of Hollywood's treatment of Native Americans.
Brando passed away aged 80 from lung failure at UCLA Medical Center in LA on Thursday 1st July 2004.




Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President -  April 2 Gloria Steinem, Editor and Author - March 26 Sandra Day O'Connor, Supreme Court Justice - March 26 Maya Angelou, Poet and Author - April 4
Diana Ross, Singer - 26 March 1944 Leonardo da Vinci, Artist & Inventor -

15 April, 1452-1519

Francis Ford Coppola, Director, Writer - April 7, 1939






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