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Mythological associations are uncertain, though there is a faint reference to Pan - whose Mother ran from him because of his ugliness, but whose success in seducing nymphs was notable. An ancient Babylonian God was Ea, known as the 'antelope of the subterranean ocean' - the fish-tailed goat also call kusarikku, the fish-ram.




 Characteristic   |     Career    |    Relationship   |    Capricorn Man

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Belonging to the cardinal group and the earth element Capricorns are a curious mixture of earthy practicalities and watery emotions, very in touch with themselves on an emotional level but not always expressing it clearly. Ruled by the planet Saturn. Like the goat, you will sure-footedly find your way to the top, even if it takes a hundred years. You plan ahead and can move mountains and steamroll anything that gets in your way. If you are typical of your sign, you will use anything and anyone to succeed. Your secret fear is of being weak or of failing to reach the very high standards of excellence you have set yourself. You can work harder than anyone to get what you want, and what you want is only the very best. Often dogged by anxiety and very aware of your own flaws you take up the challenge and improve yourself. A career, and the high status that accompanies it, is usually essential to you.


Practical Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, represents discipline, ambition, and rationality, making you the most determined and persistent sign of the zodiac. Since you have such an unshakable faith in your own power, you have an extreme capacity for hard work and endurance. Saturn, the planet of challenges and restrictions, is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is sometimes associated with bad luck; however, without the obstacles of Saturn we would never grow and evolve any further, which makes this planet the one that makes us tough, because it teaches us to develop patience and staying power.  Capricorn is the third earth sign, which means you know that you can't live on inspiration alone, and therefore, you have become a down-to-earth realist, and are willing to take care of the daily chores. For that reason, stability and consistency are very important to you.

You, Capricorn, rule the tenth house of the horoscope, a sector associated with career, social standing, and personal aspirations. Furthermore, this house describes your ambitions and goals in life, as well as your public image and your reputation in your social circles. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning that you don't wait for others to take action - you charge right in making full use of your qualities of pragmatism, efficiency, and diligence. 

You have many strengths, dear Capricorn, because with diligence and patience you work to reach the high goals you have set for yourself. Your calm, diplomatic, and pragmatic approach is admirable. On top of that, once you commit to something, you feel responsible and accountable for what you do, which makes you such a trustworthy and loyal person. However, you also have weaknesses. Sometimes, you can get very pessimistic and skeptical. You don't always have the flexibility to make a quick change in plans if something doesn't work. You are also known for being calculating and despotic at times, as well as cold and indifferent.




 Spiritual Learning, Likes and Dislikes,

 Appearance and Traits

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Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning: To learn to understand the feelings and needs of other people.


Likes and Dislikes

Likes   Dislikes  
  • hot, simple food
  • antiques, history
  • duties and responsibilities
  • not being pressured by others, having plenty of time
  • sexual love
  • privacy
  • what is regarded as the best, such as a Rolls Royce
  • membership at an exclusive club
  • home and family
  • personalized gifts
  • new books
  • expensive gemstones

  • untidiness

  • being teased

  • familiarity

  • surprises

  • new ideas

  • loneliness

  • being made to feel useless

  • being embarrassed in public


Appearance and Traits

Man Appearance Woman Appearance 
  • is stocky
  • has sharp, penetrating eyes
  • rarely smiles
  • has very strong white teeth
  • is conscious of his appearance
  • dislikes removing his clothes in public -- for example, he will still be wearing a shirt during a heatwave when other men are bare-chested

  • shaped body with a slender neck
  • has deep, serious eyes
  • has an "earthy" beauty
  • has a full mouth and very white teeth
  • has shapely legs, slim ankles, small feet



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Man Traits Woman Traits
  • is dignified in his manner and very polite
  • seems unapproachable and self-protective
  • is totally reliable in pursuit of an aim
  • takes his time sizing up other people before he will relax enough to share his inner warmth
  • seeks honor but is not interested in becoming famous; on the contrary, he avoids publicity
  • has strong opinions but is not at all vain

  • is very self-conscious
  • behaves in a ladylike manner in public
  • dresses according to what she intends to achieve that day
  • needs to gain recognition for her work
  • appears as steady as a rock, but is quite moody inside herself
  • runs a well-kept home, although she finds domesticity tedious
  • is totally loyal to close family and distant relatives
  • cannot bear to be teased
  • smiles little, but when she does it is a very beautiful smile





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Primary Characteristics

  • Ambitious, high status, good quality, reputation

  • Practical, realism, hard work accomplishments

  • planning, determination, persistence, success

  • responsibility, difficulties, problems

  • paternalism, authority, discipline

  • money, wealth, long-term projects

  • wisdom, loyalty, sensitivity to beauty


Positive Characteristic Traits

  • Ambitious and disciplined
  • Patient and careful / Cautious and realistic
  • Practical and prudent
  • Sometimes reserved
  • Good organizing skills
  • Hard working
  • Scrupulous
  • Calculates risks but takes them when necessary
  • Has high but realistic standards
  • Conventional
  • Concerned
  • Gives sound advice
  • Loyal to tradition
  • Respects authority


  • Can be miserly and grudging
  • Sometimes over conventional and rigid
  • Sometimes pessimistic or fatalistic
  • Tendency to believe their way is always the best
  • Egotistical
  • A slave driver
  • Unforgiving
  • Anxious, allows inner fears to dominate decisions
  • Takes a very critical view
  • A perfectionist who is never satisfied
  • Fatalistic
  • Status seeking


Capricorn Rising endows an energetic, success-oriented personality, with the determination to achieve your personal goals. The shrewdness and open ambition associated with the sun or moon in Capricorn does not always show up so overtly in the personality of those with Capricorn Ascendant but these traits are present nevertheless. You could be a very capable manager or supervisor, willing to accept responsibilities and positions of authority.

You strongly identify with the material world and tangible assets. You are unlikely to adopt easy-going, "take me as I am" attitudes, for you feel more comfortable with formality. You want to be aware of all the rules of social conduct and adapt your actions to fit these structures. Consciously or subconsciously you specifically choose the company of people who make you look good. It is not unusual for handsome Capricorn Rising males to select less attractive wives or, beautiful Capricorn Rising women to select less attractive female friends.

Ruled by Saturn, lord of structure, restriction and longevity, you may have experienced a difficult birth or restricted childhood. However, it hardly matters what particular difficulties life presents you with, for your biggest challenge is always you in yourself. You feel dissatisfaction with some aspect of your personality or appearance and may develop conflicting behaviour to deal with these feelings when they surface. One side of your character is prone to practice strict self denial, while the other longs to abandon itself to hedonistic pleasures, perhaps as as a form of self destruction. At every turn you confront fears and insecurity. How well you deal with the conflict marks your success as a well-adjusted adult. Fortunately, these conflicts seem to settle into perspective as you get older.

Capricorn ruling the first house raises the competitive spirit and by no means dictates the presence of a sombre or colourless personality. On the contrary, it implies individuals with overcompensatingly cheerful personalities, who willingly accept responsibilities and hardships which they feel they were born to endure. There is always a choice to be made and the right one is never easy, because it usually involves success which must be earned. Your abstemious eating habits help you avoid gaining too much weight. Sensitive skin, finely textured hair, brittle bones, and dental difficulties are common physical complaints.


Capricorn Children

Your little Capricorn will have a quiet, meditative nature ruled by reason instead of impulse and may seem older than his or her years at times. These children are thrifty, reserved, diplomatic, deep thinking, and determined. They are cautious in what they do and say. They know what they want and they usually get it by methodically planning every detail ahead of time-they like to take their time with things, learning lessons well along the way. Capricorn children are receptive to down-to-earth activities. They feel a deep sense of responsibility and love being praised for a job well done. Parents should take time with their Capricorn child to show them the joy of touch and sharing comfort. Though typically practical and serious, the Capricorn often has a well-developed sense of wit and humor and is also known for being reliable.Capricorns are industrious and ambitious. They often love wealth for the power and prestige it brings them. The Capricorn is talented in mechanics, engineering, and politics. Literary and religious things also interest them. They make excellent executives and love responsibility in any field they enter. Capricorns often delay marriage until late in life, but once married they are faithful and devoted.




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A man in this Zodiac will has a pair of round big beautiful eyes, a nice structure jaw line. He is a good listener and can understand everything easily and clearly. He can guess what you will say before you even say it. He often shakes his head or touch his hair. He is a big built, but he will tend to have a small ear. He tends to have a darker shade of hair and eyes' color. He will likely have a short and strong neck, broad shoulder, muscular, strong hands and grips. He has a shorter fingers compare to the man of the same size and same height in the other zodiac. His hands can work well at the same time can protect and care for his woman.

His height will be proportional to his weight. He will walk firmly and always take a big long step. As he walks he will look around in caution with disturbance from his problems at present or in the past. He likes to watch things built with fascinate and wonder about how it is done, so you could see him watching a construction site and not get bored. He is a good dancer. He is a careful person in instinct, so even at dance floor, he will already have to know what in front or behind him before he will take any steps.

Green is his favorite color. You will mostly see him wear green, navy, blue, or brown. In all 12 Zodiacs, he is the one who can get the most satisfaction from possession of beautiful thing, and cherish it as if it is very valuable to him even it is just a crystal ball made in France.
It is his luck that he hardly has to chase after woman. They always come themselves without his invitation. He likes to treat his guest in his house than visiting his guest at their house. He does not like to be a center of attention, so if you need his help, you have to look up for him. He lives his life in stability and simplicity. Every decision made are already "Sure" and carefully thought out. He will not do what he has been asked to do if he is not interested in doing it. He acts casually but in reality, he always doing things seriously.

He loves peaceful and quiet environment so in his free time, he will stay at home instead of going out and look for adventure. He loves nature and dreams of a nice and quiet house with lots of trees, or he may dream of a house in a beautiful countryside. He will let you have freedoms and watching you in a distance. If you are over doing something, he will let you know by his icy cold look. He is the
perfect lover in all the Zodiac for nothing he will not do for his love one. He won't allow people to laugh at him or think he is a joker, so he will spent for himself luxury for what it is worth.

He likes neat and well dressed woman, so do not be a slop if you are dating this guy. If you do that he will loose his face. He is the romantic type who would dance with you under the moon light. Love will make him shines and you will see it in his face. He will not say
it out loud, you have to know it yourself.



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A tall slim, cool and quiet woman. Once she is mad she can be very fierce. She can work better than some men and she is very high confident woman. In her opinion, woman is not just a flower or decoration at home or at an office and certainly not a weak sex who needs protection. She likes to control and hide her weak emotions. She will never try to change anyone, but she will learn to accept them as they are. If she does not like someone, she will not comments or criticize but she will completely ignore that person.

She hate plastic and an artificial flower because it make her feel that you are not being sincere. She loves real flower and it's scent. She loves a guy who wear after shave cologne. If you are a type of a guy who wear your Jean one month before washing, or wear an old sneaker, then you can forget about her. She loves music and nature even there is a rare case otherwise. She loves to go picnic in nature, so if you don't have so much time for her, you can take her fishing too.

She is not as jealous as Aquarius or Leo woman, but do not cross the line O.K. Better not to see she gets mad, especially in front of public when she feels like loosing face. She loves to make up and dress perfectly and very neat, so never rush her for this matter. She has her own goal in life and does not care if you have a doctorate degree or not, if she thinks you are not bright then she will not care about
you at all. She likes smart people by character not by certificate shown. If you can not show her this quality, go and take a bus and go to the next stop.

She does not like a dreamer who talk about his dream but never put his hands in action to make it happens. Don't bother to tell her "everyone is doing it, you should do it too", or "I think you should do it, it's good for you",  because she will do what she wants to do only.
She is a neat and tidy person, so if your apartment is a pigsty , do not  take her there. If you go out on a date with her , try to be presentable such as nice and clean dress, clean nails or else it will be your last date.

She is a cool type and will not nag, so easy on your ears. She is a slow but sure type. She will always respect and honor you and will never try to make you loose your face. If she loves you, she will help you in anything you do. She likes to help people and expect nothing in return. If she asks you for a favor and does not get one, she will feel very disappoint. She has a high hope and a high faith and beliefs in her own confident than believing in "Luck". If she is your wife, you will have nice and clean home and a gourmet cooking. If your parents visit your house, they will be please. She is a 3 in 1 means , a perfect mother, a perfect housewife, a perfect wife or you could say "happily ever after".


Capricorn Women and their Zodiac Characteristics




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If there's someone who likes being the center of attention, it's a Capricorn. And why not? Those born under this Sign are giving, proud, energetic, confident -- the world can't help but look! That is as it should be, says the Lion. They're firebrands with plenty of smolder in their eyes and a golden glow all around. Capricorns are focused in their work and make excellent team leaders. The Lion is also a risk-taker, someone who wants the world (for starters) and often gets it.

Whether it's for a big project or a noble cause, getting the Lion to jump on board is a shrewd move -- and one that's sure to attract attention! These folks can't help but be in the limelight, thanks to their larger-than-life personality. Hand-in-hand with this is an infectiously positive attitude. Colleagues are often quick to seek out the Lion as a role model, since those signature qualities of leadership, truth and justice are ones that many seek. However, Capricorns must be careful not to indulge in selfishness or manipulation or to fall into a state of complacency. And as for all that primping and posing, Lion: enough is enough! Yes, life is a banquet, and you are the star, but do you really want to let yourself go that way?  As much as the Lion likes being in the spotlight, there really is plenty of room for a team to assemble all around. Is there a game to be won? a deal to close? The Lion's team is the winning team, and a happy bunch of cats it is.

The Capricorn office is likely to be overwhelmed by the throne behind the desk. And you thought it was a chair? Ha! That desk, of course, is gleaming mahogany, as is the well-stocked liquor cabinet in the corner. Lions are usually driven around in Bentleys, but will take the wheel of a Lexus if they're at a start-up. Cutting a deal with Capricorn over lunch? It'd better be the Ritz!

Any occupation the requires good organization and smart management, but which does not require the Capricorn to be the front person. Capricorns prefer to work in private. They generally make good bankers, systems analysts, accountants, researchers, dentists, architects, engineers, manufacturers, and politicians. Many Capricorns are jewelers, funeral directors, art dealers, anthropologists, and managers of musicians and other entertainers. They are also to be found on radio and television interview programs; their quiet, unflappable natures are perfect for serious work under pressure. Capricorns are well suited as managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes and Presidents. Typical Capricorn is often associated with leadership, promotion and sales, any job which has a special title, acting, directing, teaching, politics, public relations, management, the law, or a self-employed skill or business. Capricorn often shows his or her inner strengths when under great pressure or when a crisis occurs.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Capricorn at work:

  •  works hard and for long hours

  •  likes to have some home comforts in the workplace so he or she can change and go on to another appointment, or stay all night if necessary

Capricorn as Employer

  • does not neglect family life for business, and family members may visit him or her at work

  • is kind but expects obedience to the rules

  • has a strong sense of duty and works very hard

  • is not a good mixer, but others trust him or her

  • does not give perks but responds when people are in need

  • takes responsibilities very seriously, and so may neglect personal needs

  • dresses conservatively and is well organized

  • can keep complex operations moving smoothly

Capricorn as Employee

A typical Capricorn employee (male or female):

  • arrives very early and leaves late

  • is dependable and can carry huge workloads

  • minds his or her own business

  • works steadily and quietly, staying with the same company for a long time

  • occasionally reveals a wry sense of humor

  • is conscientious and aims high (for power not for glory)

  • will expect a salary in keeping with the work done

  • has respect for superiors, elders, and those more experienced

  • enjoys common-sense procedures

Working Environment

The workplace of a typical Capricorn man or woman:

  • must be comfortable, like a home away from home

  • must be tidy and well organized

  • should have a framed photo of the family on the desk

  • must not have money wasted on it unnecessarily



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Reserved and dignified you do not give your favours lightly, but when you feel sure enough of your ground, you delight in living up to the randy reputation of the Goat. Conservative Capricorn, a feminine (yin) sign ruled by staid Saturn (but, remember, the exaltation of heady Mars), makes you cautious and calculating in the early stages, but dynamic and voracious when properly roused.

The conflict between the feminine elemental power of the sign and the masculine energies of the planetary forces generates enough steam to run a power station. So in a relationship, Capricorn is a slow starter, but proves to be an explosive performer and a long-lasting and loyal companion. You are quite skilled with people, once you overcome your initial reserve. Painfully shy as a youngster, you grow out of this as you approach middle age, when your careful cultivation of social skills and control begins to bear fruit.

Ambitious Capricorn, while somewhat risk-averse, has an appetite for life and all its pleasures. Your need to climb the social ladder and obtain material recognition can interfere to some degree with your relationships, but with the right person (who shares your interests and is not put off by your fears and insecurities) you blossom into a remarkably fine companion and a satisfying sexual partner.

You learn to conceal your vulnerability beneath a confident veneer of career fixation and material success, but passionate Mars is always bubbling just below the surface. When the veneer is pierced, the passion flows like lava from a volcano.

In the art of lovemaking, Capricorn is enthusiastic and adventurous when aroused, but can be possessive and jealous when threatened. Partners can sometimes be overwhelmed by the intensity of your passion, coming as it does from beneath such a cool exterior. In marriage you are loyal, a good provider and develop a strong home environment, although you should allow yourself the pleasure of a more relaxed and informal relationship with the children.


Behavior When In Love

The typical Capricorn:
  • is slow to make approaches and never flirts for fun
  • only says "I love you" when it is meant and does not see any reason to keep repeating it
  • may worry about the emotional aspect of the relationship
  • must feel financially secure to enjoy love
  • is caring, considerate, and committed to the loved one


The typical Capricorn expects:
  • to be taken seriously
  • to make a long-term committment
  • faithfulness
  • privacy
  • to make a home and a family
  • to be admired by the loved one


Capricorn and Sex

When a typical, mature Capricorn makes love, it is lovemaking at its very best: to Capricorn there is no separation between love and sex. Capricorns know by instinct when they have found the right partner for this immensely important ritual. For some people, sex is a release, the satisfying of one of the basic needs in life, but Capricorns want to reach a state of total satisfaction, not only for themselves but also for their partners.

Capricorn and Partner

The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Capricorn must realize that Capricorn will take over the organization of the partner's working life. Given this, the person who partners Capricorn can expect stability, security, and success.

Capricorn Man As A Partner

He will want a partner who can help him achieve his ambitions. He will want to organize the business and will expect absolute loyaly and a disciplined routine. He may assume that the partner is dependant on him.

Capricorn Woman As A Partner

She seeks a partner who has a good, secure position in life already. She is more likely to make a bad choice of partner than the male Capricorn, but she will soon recognize her mistake. In business, Capricorn women do not often choose other women as partners. If the partner, in marriage or business, is lost through death or similar misfortune, Capricorns of both sexes find it hard to replace the partner and will tend to draw within themselves.

Polar Sign

Cancer is the complementary opposite sign to Capricorn. Both are strong willed and may battle for supremacy concerning organization. However, Cancer can teach Capricorn how to sense other people's needs and feelings, and how to express his or her own emotions.

Capricorn and Friends

In general, Capricorn likes a friend who is well bred, good mannered, and not too extroverted. Capricorn are loyal, kind, and often very generous to friends. They try to prove their sincerity by showing total devotion to the friendship, but this can go wrong if the choice of friend has been a bad one in the first place. They will continue to love a friend who is old or disabled. They will not desert or neglect a loyal friend, no matter how bad the circumstances.

However, Capricorns are not very good judges of character. If a friendship goes wrong, because of bad judgement in the first place, Capricorn may turn hateful. If a Capricorn suspects a friend of deception, he or she will start to suspect all friends. Sometimes Capricorn tests the trustworthiness of friends several times. Capricorns have an irritating habit of organizing things that they think will be good for a friend, which the friend does not want. At their very worst, Capricorns may use a friend to further an ambition without a word of thanks.

A compatibility chart, below, lists those with whom Capricorn is likely to have the most satisfactory relationships.


Capricorn with Capricorn: Harmonious
Capricorn with Aquarius: Harmonious
Capricorn with Pisces: Harmonious
Capricorn with Aries: Difficult
Capricorn with Taurus: Harmonious
Capricorn with Gemini: Turbulent
Capricorn with Cancer: Opposite Attract / Difficult
Capricorn with Leo: Turbulent
Capricorn with Virgo: Harmonious
Capricorn with Libra: Difficult
Capricorn with Scorpio: Harmonious
Capricorn with Sagittarius: Harmonious



Capricorns are most compatible with Virgos and Taurus signs.



 Famous Capricorn

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Louis Braille

Name: Louis Braille
Birth Date: January 4, 1809

Date of Death: January 6,1852

Place of Birth: Coupvray, France
Nationality: French
Occupations: Inventor / Educator - Inventor of the raised-point writing system for the blind

Louis Braille was a French musician and educator who developed the raised-point writing system for the blind that bears his name. Braille became blind as a result of an eye injury at the age of three. Despite his impairment, he went to a regular school, then earned acceptance to a state school for the blind. By the time he was 15 years old he had perfected a system of embossed dots that could be used to translate text through the sense of touch. He first published his system in 1829, but it wasn't until the last years of his life that it became to be accepted. A musician and teacher of the blind, Braille suffered bouts of ill health throughout most of his adult life, probably because of tuberculosis. After his death the "braille" system was promoted by his former students and friends, and by 1854 France had officially adopted it. It spread internationally and is now the most widely-used system for teaching the written word to the blind.

Al Capone

Name: Alphonsus Capone
Birth Date: January 17, 1899

Date of Death: January 25, 1947

Cause of Death: heart failure, age 48
Place of Birth:  New York, United States
Nationality: American
Occupations: Gangster - American gangster of the 1920s and '30s

Alphonse "Al" Capone was one of the most famous U.S. gangsters during the 1930s, a Chicago-based boss involved in illegal gambling, bootlegging (illegal alcohol) and prostitution. Capone got his start in New York, working as a thug and bouncer (where he got the three scars that spawned his nickname, "Scarface"). He moved to Chicago in 1919 and quickly moved up in the ranks of Johnny Torrio's gang. Capone was known for his smarts and brutality, and by 1925 he was in charge of one of Chicago's biggest criminal gangs. It was Capone's men who gunned down seven rivals in 1929 in what was called the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre." Arrested many times over the years, Capone was famously pursued by federal agent Eliot Ness and ended up finally going to jail for income tax evasion in 1931. After serving eight years in federal prisons, Capone was released on good behavior (and because he'd been suffering from syphilis-related ailments). Capone retired to his estate in Florida and died in 1947 of heart failure.

John Hancock

Name: John Hancock
Birth Date: January 12,1737
Death Date: October 8,1793
Place of Birth: Braintree, Massachusetts, United States
Nationality: American
Occupations: political figure - The Founding Father with the giant signature

John Hancock's flamboyant signature on the Declaration of Independence made him an American legend. A Harvard graduate, Hancock was a prosperous Boston businessman who nonetheless favored American independence from Great Britain. He became a Massachusetts representative to the Continental Congress, and was elected president of the Continental Congress in 1775. As such, Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence in July of 1776. He wrote his name at the center of the page in extra-large script. Referring to a bounty the British had put on the heads of revolutionaries, he remarked, "The British ministry can read that name without spectacles; let them double their reward." (Hence, "John Hancock" became a slang term for any signature.) Hancock was later elected the first governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, serving in that position from 1780-85 and from 1787 until his death in 1793.

Stephen Hawking

Name: Stephen Hawking
Birth Date: January 8,1942

Death Date: May 5, 1821

Place of Birth: Oxford, England
Nationality: English
Occupations: Physicist-The author of A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking is considered the world's foremost living theoretical physicist. He's an expert on black holes whose stated intention is to unify quantum mechanics with Einstein's general theory of relativity, forming a single theory to explain the origin (and end) of the universe. Hawking, a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, is the author of the best-selling book A Brief History of Time and something of a celebrity: he has made guest appearances on the TV shows Star Trek and The Simpsons. Hawking has suffered from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also called Lou Gehrig's disease) since he was a young man and is confined to a wheelchair.


Sir Isaac Newton

Name: Sir Isaac Newton
Birth Date: December 25, 1642
Place of Birth: Woolsthorpe, , Lincolnshire, England

Date of Death: 20 March 1727

Cause of Death: bladder stone, age 8
Nationality: English
Occupations: Scientist - The genius who explained gravity

Isaac Newton's discoveries were so numerous and varied that many consider him to be the father of modern science. A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, Newton developed an intense interest in mathematics and the laws of nature which ultimately led to his two most famous works: Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (1687) and Opticks (1704). Newton helped define the laws of gravity and planetary motion, co-founded the field of calculus, and explained laws of light and color, among many other discoveries. (A famous story says that Newton uncovered the laws of gravity after being hit on the head by a falling apple. There is no proof that this story is true. However, his assistant John Conduitt later wrote that Newton had said he was inspired to think about gravity after seeing an apple fall in his garden around 1666.) Newton was knighted in 1705 and upon his death in 1727 was the first scientist given the honor of burial in Westminster Abbey.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Name: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Birth Date: January 15,1929

Date of Death: April 4, 1968

Cause of Death: assassination by gunshot, age 39
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Nationality: American
Occupations: Clergyman / Activist / Civil Rights Figure - The civil rights hero who said "I have a dream"

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an African-American clergyman who advocated social change through non-violent means. A powerful speaker and a man of great spiritual strength, he shaped the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. King was pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama from 1954-59. There he led blacks in the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955-56, an action inspired by the arrest of Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat on a public bus. Racial segregation on city buses was ruled unconstitutional in 1956; the boycott ended in success, and King had become a national figure. King returned to his home town of Atlanta in 1959 and became co-pastor with his father of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, a position he held until his death. On the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation in 1963, King organized a march on Washington, D.C. that drew 200,000 people demanding equal rights for minorities. King won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, becoming at the time the youngest recipient ever. His writings included Stride Toward Freedom (1958, a history of the Montgomery bus boycott), Why We Can't Wait (1963) and Where Do We Go From Here? Chaos or Community (1967). King was shot to death by James Earl Ray in 1968 while visiting Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis Presley

Name: Madonna Louise Ciccone
Birth Date: January 8, 1935

Date of Death: 16 August 1977

Cause of Death: heart attack, age 42
Place of Birth: Tupelo, Mississippi,United States
Nationality: American
Occupations: Rock Musician / Singer / Actor - The King of Rock 'n Roll"

Famous in life, Elvis Presley has become even more famous in death as an icon of American music and TV-era celebrity. Presley hit the charts as a rock 'n roll rebel in the 1950s. His 9 September 1956 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show (with Presley shown only from the waist up to hide his swivelling hips) turned him into one of the era's biggest stars. His many hits included "Jailhouse Rock," "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suede Shoes." He also appeared in dozens of lighthearted movies designed to let him cavort and play the guitar onscreen, including King Creole (1958, with Walter Matthau) and Blue Hawaii (1961, with Angela Lansbury). In the late 1960s, after a period of declining fame, he remade himself into "The King," a melodramatic icon known for his sequined karate-style jumpsuits and megaconcerts. The loyalty of his fans is famous; though he died in 1977, sightings of a supposedly surviving Elvis became a kind of international running joke. Elvis's Memphis home, Graceland, has become a permanent shrine to the singer.

Louis Pasteur

Name: Louis Pasteur
Birth Date: December 27, 1822
Place of Birth: Dole, Jura, France

Death Date: September 28, 1895

Cause of Death: complications from a series of strokes, age 72
Nationality: French
Occupations: Scientist - Renowned inventor of pasteurization

Louis Pasteur is the 19th-century biologist and chemist whose work with germs and microorganisms opened up whole new fields of scientific inquiry, aided industries ranging from wine to silk, and made him one of the world's most celebrated scientists. Pasteur became a professor of chemistry at the University of Lille in 1854 , and soon began studying fermentation in wine and beer. He became convinced that, as he put it in an 1878 paper, "the germs of microscopic organisms abound in the surface of all objects, in the air and in water." He determined that such microorganisms could be killed by heating liquid to 55 degrees Celsius (about 130 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher for short periods of time. This simple process became known as pasteurization, a process used today in milk and many other beverages. Pasteur then turned his attention to other aspects of microorganisms. He virtually created the science of immunology, showing that certain diseases (like rabies) could be prevented by what he called vaccination: injecting animals with weakened forms of the disease. So great were Pasteur's successes that an international fund was raised to create the Louis Pasteur Institute in 1888. Pasteur worked with the institute until his death, and it continues today as a center of microbiology and immunology.



Rowan Atkinson, Actor - January 6,1955

Orlando Bloom, Actor - January 13, 1977

Nicolas Coppola(Nicolas Cage), Actor - January 7,1964

Mel Gibson, Actor - January 3,1956

Jim Carrey, Actor/Comedian - January 17,1962 Jude Law, Actor - December 29,1972 Ricky Martin (Enrique Martin Morales), Singer/Actor - December 24,1971

Tiger Woods, Golder - December 30,1975

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay), Boxer - January 17, 1942 J.R.R. Tolkien (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien), Writer / Linguist - January 3,1892 Kate Moss, Model - January 16, 1974 Christy Turlington, Model - January 2, 1969





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