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The lion commemorated in this constellation is traditionally the Nemean lion, its pelt proof against iron, bronze and stone, which Hercules killed (losing a finger to its teeth), and which commemorates his bravery.




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Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, and the sign of generosity and nobility. Belonging to the fixed group and the fire element, Leos are grand, regal beings who can dominate and be incredibly stubborn. Born dramatists they often make fine actors. Ruled by the Sun. Like the lion, Leo are proud and enjoy being king or queen of their particular jungle. Leos tend to toss their hair around, just like a lion's mane. Leo will always tend to look beautiful even covered with grease from the bike or dust from the kitchen. Not that they really enjoy work, they do it because under no circumstances can they bear not being on top of their particular pile. Leo tend to trust everyone, almost unwittingly.


Leo stands for self-expression and the unfolding of the internal power principle. Generous and self-aware, they are truly king of the jungle.  The Sun, defines the dominant traits of Leo personality and their basic character. This makes Leo a self-assured, magnanimous, and buoyant person who enjoys being the center of attention, and others often see them as invincible, because their courage and charisma are so impressive.   Leo is the second of the fire signs, which makes them a strong-willed and courageous individual, with great leadership qualities. Their aura radiates magnetism and dignity like the rays around the sun.

Leo rules the fifth house of the horoscope, which is the section associated with
pleasure, creativity, and play. This includes romance, children, gambling and speculation, hobbies, sports, fun and games. Leo desire to live out their emotions is powerful, and they constantly seek new ways of self-expression.  The mode of a Leo is fixed, which means that they are passive in their need for admiration, expecting others to naturally notice and approach them. Leo enjoy stability and comfort, and are generous in sharing it with others.




 Spiritual Learning, Likes and Dislikes,

 Appearance and Traits

 Characteristic   |     Career    |    Relationship   |    Leo  Man

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Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning: To learn the true meaning of love.


Likes and Dislikes

Likes   Dislikes  
  • anyone who loves his or her mother
  • sentimental and family keepsakes
  • gourmet food
  • shopping trips
  • history, especially family genealogy
  • any demonstration of affection such as flowers
  • a birthday card on the right date
  • the company of other people
  • a calm working atmosphere
  • physical contact



  • Any tiny criticism of the home

  • having to handle a crisis

  • pressure to take part in conversation

  • anyone who refuses their cooking

  • people who forget names and dates (Leoians have excellent memories themselves)



Appearance and Traits

Man Appearance Woman Appearance 
  • has a well-proportioned body
  • is slim and athletic if he takes care of himself
  • if disabled, will fight to regain prowess in some sports-related aspect.
  • has sex appeal and may be a playboy when young
  • walks tall with a noble bearing
  • dresses to impress



  • is slim and elegant

  • if disabled, will use the disability to advantage, making it attractive

  • has sex appeal

  • appears to possess in inner sense of royalty

  • is well dressed

  • looks attractive even in adverse circumstances

  • exudes dignity and class


Characteristic   |     Career    |    Relationship   |    Leo  Man

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Man Traits Woman Traits
  • likes to show off
  • is trusting
  • appears to be in control of himself
  • gives and expects loyalty
  • likes everything he does to be exciting
  • is generous with affection and money
  • likes an elegant environment
  • is popular
  • needs to be adored
  • uses charm to get what he wants
  • likes to show off in subtle ways
  • is trusting and loyal
  • is never docile or adoring in affairs of the heart but gives respect, warmth, and real emotional commitment
  • likes everything she does to be exciting
  • is generous with affection and hospitality
  • likes an elegant environment
  • is a social leader
  • needs to be admired
  • uses courtesy to get what she wants





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Primary Characteristics

  • Loving

  • Outgoing

  • pleasures, fun, playfulness, entertainment

  • creativity, recognition, compliments

  • romance, love affairs, sex, offspring

  • children, childlike activities, childishness

  • taking risks, gambling, sports, games

  • performance, drama, limelight, applause

  • hospitality, appreciation


Positive Characteristic Traits

  • Broad-minded and expansive
  • Creative and enthusiastic
  • Faithful and loving
  • Generous and warmhearted / Generosity and hospitality
  • Honesty and loyalty
  • A sense of dignity
  • Pride in the home
  • Attractive liveliness
  • Friendliness and kindness
  • Acceptance of people at face value
  • Courageousness to the point of self-sacrifice



  • Can act bossy and interfering
  • Can be dogmatic and intolerant
  • Can be pompous and patronizing
  • Stubborness or willfulness
  • Contempt or arrogance / A tendency to cut others down to size
  • Sulkiness
  • Smugness or boasting
  • Indifference or an uncaring attitude
  • A tendency to take undue credit
  • A tendency to keep up appearances
  • Coldhearted when hurt


Leo is  a strong physique and lots of physical stamina. Leo strengths lies  in their open-minded and extremely faithful nature. They tend to act as the protector of the downtrodden, and when taking sides, most often root for the underdog. In relationships, they are sincere, genuine, and trusting, because they  hold high ethical standards. However, even Leos have weaknesses, whereby, at times, they have a tendency to become vain and egocentric, and get anxious and hypersensitive when they don't get the attention they want. If Leo are fishing for compliments and get a dissatisfying result, they will compensate by displaying arrogance, and are very capable of delivering a grandiose and exaggerated performance


Leo can be very stubborn and find it extremely difficult to break undesirable habits and behaviour patterns. However, this same tenacity and stamina can also be a wonderful asset. When they get involved in something, they hang on long after everyone else runs out of steam, and they inspire others with their devotion to ideals and principles.  Leo has loads of energy and enthusiasm, so, once motivated, you seldom hesitate to act. In spite of all this energy and enthusiasm, the Big Cat can be downright lazy at times. A natural enthusiasm inclines to overabundance and the tendency to overestimate everything. When buying various personal items, for example, Leo usually acquire far more than they need. Though often rash and hasty, their passions are sincere.

Leo ruled by the sun, lord of willpower and egotistical drives - their conscious or subconscious need to dominate means they want the last word in everything, and may come to believe their opinion is the only one worth considering. The negative potential for Leo Ascendant comes out in those whose ego-driven personalities turn them into manipulative, power-oriented demagogues. Though generally outgoing, Leo rising are not necessarily aggressive or loudly gregarious. Their personality will be greatly influenced by the nature and strength of your willpower and ego involvement (that is, the placement of their sun and whether it is strengthened by sign and aspect). If the willpower and ego are not strong, then neither is the personality apt to be assertive.

No matter how the rest of the world may see them, it is meaningless compared to how they see themselves. Intense self-absorption makes it hard to accept guidance from others, and they may feel taking or asking for advice is a sign of weakness. Leo most enjoy associating with those who allow them to shine. Their flamboyant generosity and warm, friendly approach wins many friends, as well as arousing the envy of those with less popular personalities. Life with Leo is anything but routine.  Leo natural creativity gives special talent or ability in art, music, or the entertainment and communication industries. Overwork, anxiety, heart problems, lower back pains, and ailments connected with overindulgence are the most likely physical complaints.


Leo Children

If your child is born in Leo, he or she is usually a happy extrovert that loves power. A child of the Sun is sincere, honorable, magnanimous, and proud. As adults they are usually dignified and positive. The Leo child is philosophical, forceful, and demonstrative. Because they are assured, Leos demonstrate faith, hope, and fortitude. This child is apt to be energetic and lavish in expenditure of energy and money when his or her sympathy or interest is aroused. Leos are usually popular and even-tempered but quick to anger if their Leo pride is hurt. Leos always aim for the stars, and with their determination and self-confidence, Leo children usually get there. The Leo child is daring, unflinching, and unafraid and at times must be taught to curb his or her exuberance. Leos love to be at the head of things. Leos' great organizing ability and commanding power usually bring success. They are charming and excel as artists, actors, and musicians, and succeed best where they have authority or where they hold responsible executive position.




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The likes to comb his hair backward, open his forehead showing a dignify facial __expression. His eyes is sparkle, but slightly showing laziness. He walks firmly and slowly like a lion, confident and ego proud. Outside, you may think he is kind and gentle person, but inside he is a strong and secure person. If he is frighten, he will re-act and respond right away. His words always seem normal but mostly imply "order and demanding". He will not talk fast, or can not talk fast, neither walk fast. In a crowd or at work he will act normally, but not for long you will see him standing out of the crowd and be a center of attention with his words, or his action. You might think he is a shy guy, but deep down inside he wants to power over his family and his friends. He just waits for that right moment. Do not take what is his, and do not order him, or else you will see a fierce lion. He respects elderly and senior, but will never bow down and accept like a looser for he will rather die than loose his dignity.

He talks bluntly even on an occasion that he should not say such thing. He is a compassionate guy and always look at other people on a bright side. He likes people to listen to him. Even he has such a blunt and bold personality, he could easily reach his goal without making any enemy. Once disagree with him on something, he can be very up set like a rainy storm on a summer day. It will only last a short time, then he will be back a cheery merry person again. He is a bright and witty guy, and he will not put any efforts on something that he thinks it will not work and waste his energy. He is a good planner and can well manage his job assigned. When he gives order, he expect them to be carry out exactly. He is the leader type that the followers love.

He can give other people advice and solve problems for other people well, except his own mess. He can be easily hurt by other people especially if you do not trust or respect his ability. You could compliment him sometimes and make this lion be your kitty with no difficulty. He is not a good judge for he listen to many people and tend to belief all sides. You can hardly see a Leo man with no woman by his side. If you see him alone, he could already have a love one in his heart, or just broken up with one. Because he is very proud, he can change many girl friends. He will do many things for the woman he loves, but loosing his face is not one of them. Leo man can not live without love , because for him Love is a ray of Light.

He likes people to rely on him, it's make him feels "in power". He may complaint if he is asked for favor, but deep inside he is happy that you
asked him. If you offer to help him , he will refuse you right away. When he is broke , he can find money still. He is not careful with his way
of spending for he has fun with spending money and happy to buy what he likes. He lets other people borrow money from him easily even if he has no money, he will run to his friend to borrow money for you. He likes first class , first quality of everything.

He can work hard like a mad dog, and sometimes can be lazy like a lazy sleepy cat. When he works, he is very serious. When he parties, he can be a party animal. If he ask you out, you will sure have a fun and jolly time. He will take chance with his love life, so if you know how to handle him, you will win. If he is your love one, it won't be a romance novel. You have to be ready to calm him down when he over reacts to small matters because your cool stability will control and ease his mood. If you can not handle or understand him, your relationship will be like a demolition zone, a on and off relationship till all your friends tired to hear about your breaking up and making up.

Beauty is always in the eyes of the lion. You have to be dignify to walk with the lion king. Your looks is part of his image and ego and he is very proud about it too. If you want his attention the first time you meet, you better be astounding attractive. If you have a first conversation with him, you have to show him how much you adore his thinking. He likes to talk and not knowing that he likes to talk about himself.



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She will stand out of the crowd on the street. Leo woman normally tall or rather tall. You will hardly see a short thick woman. When she walks she walk like a queen, confident and does not look around, though as if there is no one around her.  She will dress in her own style not according to fashion. She is confident of what she choose to wear. Do not buy cheap cloths where they sell in dozen for her as a gift, she will hate it. Also do not buy cloths that do not reflect her confident personality. She likes unique and strange cloths and accessories. Being different is what she loves.

If you want to know her, take times and be patient because she is selective about people she mingles with. She's open minded, but yet she is not letting people get to close to her easily. She likes sweet words and compliments, but not too much. She smiles with anyone, but inside she thinks she is borne to be a leader. She likes to be in control because it is in her nature instinct. She is a graceful woman , and she has a magnetic charisma, so expect tough competition.

She is a very proud person, so do not do anything to challenge her confident. She can be mad and act like a hurricane, and later can be like an innocent kitten, but do not fall for her O.K. She remembers everything and likes to cherish her sweet memory, so if you find her old photo albums with her ex-boyfriend or love letters that will make you puke, take it easy. She is keeping her sweet memory does not mean she still in love with the old fool, so you do not have to panic. She will have many guys run after her, so if you have advantage of a good background family, or a famous last name, a successful career then it's a plus. She hates to be poor and she thinks love will not pay bills.

She is a sport type and love sports. If you want to date her, prepare to spend big bugs, for your first dinner with her can not be a hot dog stand, but better be the best place in town. She is a generous person, so do not be surprise if she give you a gift more expensive than what you gave her. She likes extravaganza, no cheap gift, no cheap dinner please. Being poor or broke make her depress. If you do not have lots of money, be creative and make your own gift for her. It's unique quality and times spending making it for her is a big deal. You can think economical, but do not be cheap.


Leo Women and their Zodiac Characteristics




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If there's someone who likes being the center of attention, it's a Leo. And why not? Those born under this Sign are giving, proud, energetic, confident -- the world can't help but look! That is as it should be, says the Lion. They're firebrands with plenty of smolder in their eyes and a golden glow all around. Leos are focused in their work and make excellent team leaders. The Lion is also a risk-taker, someone who wants the world (for starters) and often gets it.

Whether it's for a big project or a noble cause, getting the Lion to jump on board is a shrewd move -- and one that's sure to attract attention! These folks can't help but be in the limelight, thanks to their larger-than-life personality. Hand-in-hand with this is an infectiously positive attitude. Colleagues are often quick to seek out the Lion as a role model, since those signature qualities of leadership, truth and justice are ones that many seek. However, Leos must be careful not to indulge in selfishness or manipulation or to fall into a state of complacency. And as for all that primping and posing, Lion: enough is enough! Yes, life is a banquet, and you are the star, but do you really want to let yourself go that way?  As much as the Lion likes being in the spotlight, there really is plenty of room for a team to assemble all around. Is there a game to be won? a deal to close? The Lion's team is the winning team, and a happy bunch of cats it is.

The Leo office is likely to be overwhelmed by the throne behind the desk. And you thought it was a chair? Ha! That desk, of course, is gleaming mahogany, as is the well-stocked liquor cabinet in the corner. Lions are usually driven around in Bentleys, but will take the wheel of a Lexus if they're at a start-up. Cutting a deal with Leo over lunch? It'd better be the Ritz!

Leos are well suited as managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes and Presidents. Typical Leo is often associated with leadership, promotion and sales, any job which has a special title, acting, directing, teaching, politics, public relations, management, the law, or a self-employed skill or business. Leo often shows his or her inner strengths when under great pressure or when a crisis occurs.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Leo at work:

  • gives a good first impression at interviews

  • is able to act a part or exaggerate when necessary

  • must be in charge of something

  • can work very hard

  • finds it difficult to apologize

Leo as Employer

  • has huge self-confidence

  • can get everyone working hard for him or her

  • loses confidence if his or her authority is undermined

  • is thoughtful toward workers and their families

  • is generous with praise and compliments

  • enjoys showing people how to do things

  • tends to take the credit for everyone's success

  • cannot tolerate failure

  • can charm people into working devotedly 

Leo as Employee

A typical Leo employee (male or female):

  • needs to have his or her superiority recognized

  • works hard

  • is very loyal

  • can keep customers happy

  • makes 55F a good show-person

  • responds to genuine praise of his or her efforts


Working Environment

The workplace of a typical Leo man or woman:

  • is convenient and comfortable

  • has an air of luxury

  • usually has pictures on the wall

  • often has status symbols displayed

  • is a place that inspires admiration





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Personal charm and physical magnetism make you the centre of attention, which of course is very much to your satisfaction... An ardent lover, your enthusiasm and passion must be returned in equal measure, or you may become bored and dissatisfied with your wimpy partner. A weak partner invites you to completely dominate the scene, a situation which is less than ideal for both parties. In every case you need to keep your ego under control, even when surrounded by admirers and sycophants.

Leo, a masculine sign, is self-sufficient, confident and tends to bravado. Most of you fabulous cats have a positive attitude to love and sex, but there are those among you who suffer excruciating pangs of anxiety in relationship.  Why, you ask? Well, simply put, it is fear that the reality may not live up to the unduly grandiose image that you seek to present to the world. Sexual anxiety may become so intense in some cases as to generate frigidity or impotence. So in a relationship, Leo loves to be the central, pivotal point around which all things revolve. A romantic and a dreamer, you make your dreams come true because you have strength, determination and a blithe faith in yourself - a faith which can overcome obstacles with that characteristic ease which seems so remarkable to more introverted souls.

Some Leos can find themselves clinging to bad relationships or mistaken beliefs, because their egos simply will not allow them to admit to being wrong. However, such typical tenacity becomes an asset when shown as loyalty to friends, or as patience and determination to succeed. Leo's emblem is the noble Lion. This dignified king of the jungle symbolizes the regal disposition of the Leo personality. However, standing on your pride when insulted or abused, you rarely forget a slight (unless of course your detractors sincerely, humbly and grovellingly crave forgiveness, whereupon you may magnanimously deign to pardon the miserable creatures). It must, moreover, be said that you are quite forthright in your opinions, which themselves need have no close relationship with the facts - and you certainly like to have the last word in any discussion.

In the art of lovemaking, Leo is ardent and willing, although not necessarily particularly creative. Your performance is usually considered by you to be generally excellent, but a worthy partner (who has a little more slyness and cunning than you would ever stoop to) can improve the quality and variety of your lovelife by smoothly introducing new ideas without seeming to ruffle your pride.

Behavior When In Love

The typical Leo:
  • is romantic and proud of it
  • becomes more regal and noble
  • is very generous to the person who is loved
  • is attentive and loyal to the loved one
  • is radiant with happiness
  • is caring, protective, and supportive
  • will make great sacrifices for love
  • will fight to the death for the loved one



The typical Leo expects:
  • to be adored by the loved one
  • to be the envy of others
  • to be treated like royalty
  • his or her love to be seen as very special
  • total commitment from the loved one
  • the partner to be dependent in some way



Leo and Sex

When a typical Leo makes love it is regarded as a many-splendid thing. In fact, Leos can often forget about their partners as they wander through their personal, playful world of lovemaking. Leos are unrestrained lovers and can make the partner feel very special. Any idea of failure is alien to both male and female Leos. If sexual problems arise, a typical Leo is mortified and often will not seek the help that is needed. The sexual partner is also required to be a friend. In fact, the Leo wants love, sex, and friendship from his or her spouse or lover.

Leo and Partner

The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Leo must realize that Leo will believe that he or she is superior in some way 564 or other. Given this, the person who partners a Leo can expect warmth, loyalty, support, generosity, and undying devotion. Only lazy, foolish Leos look for a partner who will worship them.

Leo Man As A Partner

He will want a partner who enhances his own image and who enjoys being in the spotlight as much as he does. The partner must be good-looking but should not outshine Leo himself. Leo man wants a marriage partner who will place him at the head of the table and believe in his dreams. She will be a woman of good manners who will never do anything to tarnish her own, and therefore his, reputation and she will be a devoted mother to their children.

Leo Woman As A Partner

The typical Leo woman looks for a partner who will install her as queen of the whole neighborhood. He must provide her with a house she can make into a welcoming place, where she can entertain with enthusiasm and generous hospitality. With the right partner, a lady Leo will rise in social status due to her boundless strength and persistence. Consequently, her light will shine on her partner too. Leo women will take the responsibility of motherhood in her stride and will expect her partner to be as devoted to the children as she is.

Polar Sign

Aquarius, the water-carrier, is the complementary opposite sign to Leo. There may be tough relations between them, but Aquarius can show Leo how to share without needing appreciation, and give the center stage to others. In this way Leos can learn to stand alone and value themselves.

Leo and Friends

In general, Leos like their friends to be successful, but not so successful as to completely outshine and detract from Leo! Leos are friendly, warm, and often playful. They enjoy their friends and are proud of them; they are generous to their friends, but the friends are expected to show their gratitude, either in kind or by performance, puttings Leo's support to good use. However, A friend who in some way fails a Leo, perhaps by seeming to criticize or failing to appreciate something Leo sees as very important, may be dropped without explanation.  A friend, partner, or business associate who has personal aspirations may find it increasingly impossible to take second billing to a Leo, and so may end the relationship.

A compatibility chart, below, lists those with whom Leo is likely to have the most satisfactory relationships.


Leo with Leo: Harmonious
Leo with Virgo: Harmonious
Leo with Libra: Harmonious
Leo with Scorpio: Difficult
Leo with Sagittarius: Harmonious
Leo with Capricorn: Turbulent
Leo with Aquarius: Opposite Attract/ Difficult
Leo with Pisces: Turbulent
Leo with Aries: Harmonious
Leo with Taurus: Difficult
Leo with Gemini: Harmonious
Leo with Cancer: Harmonious



Leos are most compatible with Sagittarius and Aries signs.



 Famous Leo

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The Queen Mother

Name: Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon
Birth Date: August 4, 1900

Date of Death: March 30, 2002

Cause of Death: Natural Causes - Age 101
Place of Birth: London, England
Nationality: English
Occupations: Royalty - Mother of Queen Elizabeth II

The former Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the wife of Britain's King George VI and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II. She was the daughter of Lord Glamis, later 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne; their family was descended from the royal house of Scotland. She married Albert, Duke of York on 26 April 1923; when his elder brother King Edward VIII abdicated in 1939, Albert became King George VI and Elizabeth became the Queen Consort. Their daughter became Queen Elizabeth II after the 1952 death of George VI, and the elder Elizabeth became known as the Queen Mother. In that role she often performed ceremonial functions and became a sentimental favorite of the public. She died in her sleep at age 101, less than two months after the death of her daughter Princess Margaret.


Bill Clinton

Name: William Jefferson Blythe
Birth Date: August  19, 1946
Place of Birth: Hope, Arkansas, United States
Nationality: American
Occupations: 42nd President of the United States, 1993-2001

Bill Clinton was president of the United States for two terms, from 1993 until 2001. Clinton spent the 1970s as a law professor and then Attorney General of Arkansas, and for most of the 1980s he was Governor of Arkansas. A moderate Democrat, in 1992 he defeated the incumbent George Bush for the U.S. presidency. His first term was characterized by a strong economic recovery, and in 1996 he was re-elected. His second term was dominated by scandal: accusations of corruption and investigations into rumors of his marital infidelity. On December 19, 1998 the U.S. House of Representatives voted (along party lines) in favor of two articles of impeachment. Clinton was accused of committing perjury and obstruction of justice in his attempt to cover up an extra-marital affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. In the subsequent senate trial, Clinton was acquitted of the charges and remained in office. Days before leaving office, Clinton struck a deal with the office of the special prosecutor in the case: in order to avoid an indictment, Clinton admitted to making misleading testimony, and he was suspended from practicing law in Arkansas for five years. In 2000 his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected as a U.S. Senator from New York, the first time a First Lady had ever been elected to public office.


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Name: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
Birth Date: July 28, 1929
Death Date: May 19, 1994
Place of Birth: Southhampton, New York, United States
Cause of Death: Cancer Age 64
Nationality: English
Occupations: U.S. First Lady (Wife of president John F. Kennedy)

The wife and then widow of U.S. president John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis remains an American icon of high style and grace. She was 24 when she married Kennedy, then a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, in 1953. Kennedy was elected president in 1960 and "Jackie" became a popular First Lady, known for her elegant sophistication and her historical interest in the White House. She was made a widow when Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. Five years later, in 1968, she married wealthy Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. Onassis died in 1975; Jacqueline settled in Manhattan and began working as an editor for Doubleday, a job she continued until her death in 1994. She was buried next to Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetery.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Name: Napoleon Bonaparte
Birth Date: August 15, 1769

Death Date: May 5, 1821

Cause of Death: Stomach Cancer
Place of Birth: Ajaccio, Corsica
Nationality: French
Occupations: French emperor and military genius of the 1800s

Napoleon is the most charismatic general in French history, famed for his military successes and (at the same time) for not quite conquering Europe. Starting as a second lieutenant in the French artillery, he rose quickly through the ranks until he staged a 1799 coup that made him First Consul of France. (In 1804 he went further, proclaiming himself emperor.) He led his armies to victory after victory, and by 1807 France ruled territory that stretched from Portugal to Italy and north to the river Elbe. But Napoleon's attempts to conquer the rest of Europe failed; a defeat in Moscow in 1812 nearly destroyed his empire, and in 1814 he was deposed and exiled to the island of Elba. The next year he returned to Paris and again seized power, but this success was short-lived: the French army's 1815 loss to the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo finished Napoleon for good. He was sent into exile on the island of St. Helena, where he died in 1821. His body was returned to Paris in 1840, and his tomb there remains a popular attraction.

Henry Ford created the first inexpensive mass-produced automobile -- the Model T -- and revolutionized American industry by developing and refining assembly line manufacturing. Ford began his working life as a machinist, then became an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company. (He and Thomas Edison remained close friends for decades.) In his spare time Ford tinkered with creating a motorized vehicle, and in 1896 introduced the Quadricycle, a four-wheeled cart with a gasoline engine. (Ford has often been credited with inventing the automobile, though historians now agree he was only one of many people who built motorized cars.) In 1903 the Ford Motor Company was founded, and in 1908 Ford introduced the Model T. By 1924 10 million Model T cars had been sold and Detroit had become the auto-making capital of America. Ford remained one of the country's most famous and influential businessmen until his death in 1947.

Louis Vuitton

Name: Louis Vuitton
Birth Date: August 4, 1821
Death Date: February  27, 1892
Place of Birth: Anchay, Jura, France
Nationality: French
Occupations: fashion designer - Founder of the luxury monogrammed luggage company

On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human being to set foot on the moon. Armstrong was a veteran aviator: he had flown 78 combat missions over Korea as a Navy fighter pilot, then joined NASA as a civilian test pilot. He was accepted into the astronaut corps in 1962. Armstrong was the pilot of the Gemini 8 mission (launched 16 March 1966) and then was named commander for the Apollo 11 mission of 1969. Along with crewmates Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, Armstrong flew to the moon; while Collins circled the moon in the command module Columbia, Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the lunar surface in the lunar module Eagle. Armstrong was the first to step onto the moon's surface, uttering the famous phrase "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." After retiring from NASA in 1971, Armstrong was a professor at the University of Cincinnati for nearly a decade. His authorized biography, First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, was written by former NASA historian James Hansen and published in 2005.


Rosalind Franklin

Name: Rosalind Franklin
Birth Date: July 25, 1920
Place of Birth: London, England

Cause of Death: Ovarian Cancer
Nationality: English
Occupations: Scientist - The woman whose crystal studies showed the structure of DNA

Rosalind Franklin's X-ray studies of molecules played a crucial role in the 1953 discovery of the structure of DNA. Franklin was born and raised in London, and received both a B.A. (1941) and a PhD (1945) from Cambridge University. She studied coal during World War II and then spent a few years in France before returning to King's College in London as a research fellow. Her specialty was X-ray crystallography -- the analysis of crystals formed by certain molecules. A detailed X-ray photograph she made in 1952, which she called Photo 51, clearly suggested the double-helix structure of DNA. Franklin was one of many scientists looking for the structure of DNA at that time, and when Photo 51 was shown to Francis Crick and James Watson, it was the final insight they needed to determine the true double-helix form of DNA. Watson and Crick published their findings to much acclaim in 1953. Franklin continued to do research, mainly on viruses, until her death at the age of 37 in 1958.

Alfred Hitchcock

Name: Alfred Hitchcock
Birth Date: August 13,1899
Place of Birth:
London, England
Occupations: Filmmaker-The director of Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock's successful screen thrillers earned him the nickname "Master of Suspense," but he is also considered one of the greatest film directors in the history of cinema. He started out in British productions as a title and set designer, working his way up to the position of screenwriter and director by the mid-1920s. His notable early movies include The Lodger (1926), Blackmail (1929, the first British feature to use synchronous sound) and The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934). He had commercial and critical success while still in Britain, and thrillers such as The 39 Steps (1935) and The Lady Vanishes (1938) solidified his reputation for combining mystery and suspense with dashes of humor. In the '40s Hitchcock began making movies in the United States, hits such as Rebecca (1940), Shadow of a Doubt (1943) and Spellbound (1945, featuring a memorable dream sequence by Salvador Dali) as well as less successful but still technically daring films like Lifeboat (1944) and Rope (1948). He was in top form in the 1950s, and his movies from the era are still popular, including Strangers on a Train (1951), Rear Window (1954, with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly), Vertigo (1958), and North by Northwest (1959, starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint). His other films include Psycho (1960), The Birds (1963) and Frenzy (1972). Hitchcock was one of the most recognized directors in history by appearance as well as by name, thanks to his cameo roles in his movies and to his TV shows Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-62) and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962-65).



Name: Madonna Louise Ciccone
Birth Date: August 16, 1958
Place of Birth: Bay City, Michigan, United States
Nationality: American
Occupations: singer, actor

Madonna used a mixture of talent, pulchritude and relentless self-promotion to become one of the most famous recording artists of the 20th century. She released her self-titled first album in 1983 in the guise of a streetwise pop ragamuffin, and over time she kept one step ahead of the game by jumping from persona to persona: dance club queen, balladeer, cowgirl, channeler of the Mysterious East. Her other albums have included Like a Virgin (1984), Ray of Light (1998, Music (2000), American Life (2003) and Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005). She has also acted in over a dozen movies, including Dick Tracy (1990, with Warren Beatty) and A League of Their Own (1992, with Rosie O'Donnell). No stranger to controversy, Madonna has long been a favorite of the tabloids on topics ranging from her racy videos and TV appearances to her sometimes-mystical religious beliefs to her marriages to actor Sean Penn (1985-89) and filmmaker Guy Ritchie (2000-present). Her daughter Lourdes was born in October of 1996, fathered by Madonna's personal trainer, Carlos Leon. In August of 2000 Madonna and Ritchie had a son, Rocco. In October of 2006 they adopted a a motherless 13-month-old child, David Banda, from the African country of Malawi.


Benito Mussolini

Name: Benito Mussolini
Birth Date: July 29, 1883
Place of Birth: Predappio, Italy

Death Date: April 28, 1945

Cause of Death: Shot to death, age 61
Nationality: Italian
Occupations: Political Leader - Italy's dictator during World War II

Known as "Il Duce" -- the Leader -- Mussolini was the Fascist dictator of Italy during World War II. Mussolini grew active in Italian politics in the first decade of the 1900s. He then spent time in exile in Switzerland and Austria, where he worked writing and editing socialist newspapers. He returned to Italy after serving in World War I and gained power and notoriety as a revolutionary nationalist. He founded the Fascist Party in 1919, used force and intimidation against political opponents and took power in 1922. Nicknamed Il Duce, Mussolini created a dictatorship and dissolved the parliament. Yet for many years he was popular as he expanded government services and public works. In the 1930s Italy invaded Ethiopia and Albania and in 1939 Mussolini promised an alliance with Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. Italy's failures in the war led to Mussolini being removed from government, and when the war ended he was arrested, tried and executed.



J.K. Rowling

Name: Joanne K. Rowling
Birth Date: July 31,1965
Place of Birth: Chipping Sodbury, England
Nationality: English
Occupations: writer - Creator of fictional wizard Harry Potter

JJoanne K. Rowling (pronounced rolling) is the author of the Harry Potter series of books, which began with the 1997 tale Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. (U.S. title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.) The book told the story of Harry Potter, a seemingly ordinary boy who discovered that he was actually a wizard. The book was a sensational hit, and by the end of 1999 the top three slots on the New York Times list of bestsellers were taken by the first three books in the Harry Potter series. By the 2000 release of the fourth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter had become a global pop culture phenomenon, with parents and children standing in line at bookstores waiting for the book's release. Rowling herself had become one of the world's best-known and best-paid authors. After the 2003 release of the fifth Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix, the BBC reported that Rowling's books had been translated into 60 languages (including ancient Greek) and had sold over 250 million copies worldwide. The sequels to the original book are: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (1999), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2000), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2003), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2005), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2007). Rowling has stated that the seventh book is the last in the series.




Danielle Steel

Name: Danielle Steel
Birth Date: August 14,1947
Place of Birth: New York, United States
Nationality: American
Occupations: writer - Author of the romance novels Jewels and Crossings

Danielle Steel's romance novels have sold millions of copies in dozens of languages and have kept her on the bestseller lists since the 1980s. Steel started her professional career in public relations and advertising, then turned to writing novels in the early 1970s. Like Barbara Cartland and Stephen King, Steel has offset the snubs of the literati with enormous popular success, and many of her novels, including Crossings (1982), Changes (1983) and Jewels (1992) have been made into TV movies (especially during the early 1990s). She has also written a series of children's books (called the Max and Martha series) and a few non-fiction books, including 1998's His Bright Light, a tribute to her son, Nick Traina, who committed suicide at the age of 19 after battling substance abuse and mental illness.




Ben Affleck, ,Actor,

Screenwriter - Aug 15, 1972

Mick Jagger, Rock Musician - July 26, 1943

Monica Lewinsky,

Intern - July 23, 1973

Jennifer Lopez, Singer,

Actress - July 24, 1970

Betty Boop, Animated Character - Aug 8, 1930 Sandra Bullock, Actress - July 26, 1964 Geri Halliwell, Singer - Aug 6, 1972

Charlize Theron,

Actress - Aug 7, 1975





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